Rowley Lane, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 0JD



The Rowley Lane Governing Body meet regularly.  They are made up of:

Parent Governors, selected by nomination and ballot

Local Authority Governors, selected by the Local Authority following application

Co-opted Governors, selected by the Governing Body.  It is important that there are always Governors who are independent of the school on our Governing Body as well as some that have connections to our school. 

Our Governing Body is made up of people who bring a range of skills.  We regularly audit these skills so that we can make appropriate appointments to the Governing Body when a seat becomes available.  Representation of our Governing Body currently has peole with skills in Accounting, HR, Engineering, Health,  Law, Further Education, Outdoor Maintenance, IT & Data Protection & Primary Education.

The Governors meet as a Full Governing Body usually once per term.

Groups of Governors make up sub-committees for:  Standards and Effectiveness and Resources.

These sub-committees also meet at least once per term.

Some committees meet less frequently, such as Head Teacher Performance Management; Staff Dismissals; Dismissal Appeals and Pupil Discipline Committees.

Please see the Business Interests attachment for the current list of Governors

Mrs Sara Edmundson - Chair of Governors 

Governor Documents

 Rowley Lane Register of Business Interests September 2021.pdfDownload
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Name of Governor Type of Governor Responsibility Member of Committees
Sara Edmundson Co-opted Governor  - non-independent Special Educational Needs, Early Years

Chair of Full Governors, Resources  & Standards & Effectiveness, Head Teacher Performance Management. 

Richard Searby Co-opted Governor - non-independent Health & Safety

Chair of Resources Committee, Head Teacher Performance Management.

Bev Drury Co-opted Governor - non-independent  Governor Training, English, EYFS, Maths

Chair of Standards & Effectiveness, Head Teacher Performance Management.

Andrew Berry Co-opted Governor - non-independent Health & Safety, Science & Environment, PE & Health Resources, Standards & Effectiveness
Angela Cashin Co-opted Governor - Independent Gifted & Talented Resources 
Lindsey Crossland Co-opted Governor - non-independent  Gifted & Talented, Pupil Premium, Maths Standards & Effectiveness, Resources
Leah Pejica Parent - non-independent Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs, LAC, Attendance Standards & Effectiveness
Neil Favager Parent - non-independent English, IT/Computing, PE & Health, Equality, Website Compliance

Vice Chair of Full Governors                Standards & Effectiveness

Debbie Bee Co-opted Staff Governor - Non-independent MFL, Wellbeing, IT/Computing Standards & Effectiveness
Georgia Heaton Staff Governor - non-independent LAC, Safeguarding, Wellbeing Standards & Effectiveness
Jenny Shore Head Teacher  LAC, Safeguarding, Child Protection  Resources, Standards & Effectiveness