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 Remote Learning Guidance 

This page is intended for parents of Nursery Children during the School Closure for most pupils.  

Our teaching staff are working hard to provide activities that we hope are accessible and manageable for families.  Attempting some form of work with your child is strongly encouraged however it is up to each family how they approach this or how much is manageable.  We are fully aware that for many parents there will be a requirement for you to work from home as well and many households will have more than one child to support.

Please try to give your child ongoing feedback (verbal is fine) and help them to self-correct any errors as they go along or at the earliest possible point.  If your child has older siblings, this is a great way to get them working together and both children will benefit from this.  

If you need to contact your child's class teacher then please do so using the email addresses on this page.  They will have access to their emails within school hours. If you wish to give staff feedback on how your child has got on via email this will help staff to shape the activities for the coming days.  Thank you for your support.

Teaching staff emails:  

Every day Activities 

Read with your child every day and talk to them about the story

Get some fresh air and exercise but stay safe distances from others

Practice verbal basic number skills such as counting

Monday 30th March

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Tuesday 31st March

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Wednesday 1st April

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Thursday 2nd April

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Friday 3rd April

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Monday 23rd March

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Tuesday 24th March

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Wednesday 25th March

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Thursday 26th March

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Friday 27th March

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Below is general information about Nursery

About Nursery.......

Nursery is a first step into schol for your child.  In Nursery we offer flexible times to suit your lifestyle or working pattern.  You can choose anything from a minimum of the free 15 universal  hours up to 5 full days for those who are eligible for 30 hours free childcare.  More details on Nursery funding and how to apply can be found here on our admissions section of the online office page.  Coming to our Nursery does not give you greater priorty to a school place here.   We work very closely with our on-site Pre-School who provide wrap-around care for Nursery children as well as day sessions.  Details about Pre-School can be found by clicking on the flyer below on this page.

In Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  We are learning all of the time.  These skills give us a good grounding from which to start school.   In Nursery we develop our communion, our social skills, our creativitiy and imagination, our physical development and learn lots of new things along the way.  The Nursery team work to include the interests of the children within the opportunities provided alongside those within our long term plan.  

Important Information

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 Long Term Plan cycle 2 Nursery.pdfDownload
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