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Lockdown battles!

The children had lots of fun taking on their friends during the TT Rockstars day and it sparked lots of friendly competition between the classes.

Therefore, this half term, the Rockstars battles will see class versus class within each year group. 

Battles will run from Monday to Friday and the class with the highest average points at the end of the week will win for that week. 

At the end of the half term, the class with the most points will be the champion for their Year group!




TT Rockstars is an excellent tool which allows children to practise their Times Table recall in a fun, safe and interactive way. The very clever system is able to tailor the Times tables each individual is given every time they play to maximise their learning.

Children have their own Rockstar identity  and avatar. Through regularly playing any of the games on the site, they can earn points to buy items for their home page and character.

All children in Year 2-6  have been provided with their username and password to access the site.  For a more detailed explanation of how TT Rockstars works and how you can help your child to learn, please see the attached document. 

 Updates and achievements will be regularly shared on the website and half termly certificates sent home to celebrate individual achievements.

If you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Wood.


TT Rockstars Hall of Fame 

Our Rock heroes!

Sal Springsteen- Our fastest rock hero with an incredible score of 0.6 seconds per question!

Kat Owens 

Charlie Johnston

Fruity Bell

Tomato Rockingchair

Rocky Spondoolies

Thomas Mosley

Brandon Keene

Most Valuable Players and special mentions

Year 3

Maddison Slim          Jeff Burgess

Will Malone         Donnie Bacon


                             Year 4


Nuno Verellen     Fruity Bell

Lida Van Halen     Fiona Baron

Year 5

Sal Springsteen       Charlie Johnston

Brandon Keene      Alexa Hayes

Year 6

Smokey Baker             Nina Amp

Nick Pehrson     Pearl Orr

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