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Information about Partial Re-opening from June 1st


Reminders - A Summary of Important Information:

  • Please follow the one way system around the outside of the building for drop off and pick up times - yellow arrows have been marked on the paths  - this is part of the Government Guidelines for re-opening. (parents using REACH or Pre-School at non-busy times do not need to use the one way system)
  • If anyone in your household has symptoms you should self isolate as a household.  Anyone with symptoms can now be tested.
  • Children should not come to school if they are at all ill.  Covering classes is very difficult whilst following guidelines and we may have to close the class for a period of time if a member of staff is off ill.   
  • Make sure you check your child's start time by looking at the bubble strand colour below
  • Doors are marked with labels - Reception, Year 1, KW (for Key Worker) or Year 6 on paper that is their colour band
  • Please do not use the top path that runs along the length of the courts - this is for Pre-School use only
  • Remember to send your child with a named water bottle - they cannot use school cups
  • All Nursery children need to bring a packed lunch - we are  unable to provide hot lunches for Nursery during this time
  • The kitchen remains open for children in Recpetion - Year 6 - please revert to your normal lunch pattern.  Adjusted menus are below on this page.
  • Please apply 'once a day' sun cream on a morning and send them with a sun hat as we intend to spend lots of time outside
  • If the weather is not so nice, children need to bring a coat as we intend to spend lots of time outside.
  • If your child has an inhaler and the GP has said they are safe to return, please ensure that their inhalers are returned to school on their first day back
  • Children should not bring anything else with them that is not listed here - they do not need a bag.
  • If you only intend for your child to attend part time, this is absoluetly fine but please let their allocated teacher know your working patterns so we know when to expect them.
  • Any children using the school bus service will be allowed straight into school off the bus and kept in school until the bus arrives.
  • When collecting, please stand away from the door and remain a safe distance from other people.  There are some markers in some areas to help guide you.  When your child comes out to you, please continue around the building using the one way system. 
  • Children in Year 4-6 will be let out at their finish time without parents being there.  Please arrange to meet them at a safe place away from the main building e.g. On the main playground or on the grassed area up from school or the top field.  Please remind children if the adult collecting is not there they must return to school in order to stay safe. 

At the bottom of this page are a few pictures of some of the changes in school that might help prepare your child for returning.  

We realise that the return to school will be very different and it is not how we want school to be but in order to start to re-open we have to follow the guidance given.   Thank you for your support with keeping everyone safe. 

Staggered Times For Bubble Strands

FAQ as sent in letter on 18.05.20

Allocated Staff & Rooms for Bubble Groups

We will upload a map and some photos to support in the coming days
We will upload a map and some photos to support in the coming days

Children in Nursery will need to bring a packed lunch with them as we are unable to provide hot lunches during this time.   We apologise for any inconvenience. 


The school Kitchen will provide a school meal service for children in Reception to Year 6 who would normally have a school lunch, however the menu has been adapted so please look through this with your child. 

School Lunch Menu - Week 1

Week 1 Revised Menu - please note choice on June 1st will be Sausages or Quorn Nuggets due to delayed order.

School Lunch Menu - Week 2

Week 2 Revised Menu